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Western Reserve Pure Water, established in 2002, has been at the forefront of delivering expertly designed, installed, and serviced water treatment systems to businesses across Northern Ohio. With a commitment to enhancing water quality and efficiency, our company specializes in a comprehensive range of solutions, including water softening, deionized water systems, advanced filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultrapure water technologies. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer both standard product lines and custom-engineered systems, tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our dedication to innovation, combined with our deep understanding of local water challenges, positions us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective water treatment solutions.

Hear It From The Industry

“As a lab technician at a premier medical research facility, our transition to Western Reserve’s deionized water treatment system has been an asset. The consistent, high-quality DI water has eradicated previous inconsistencies, saving us time and dollars. Its low maintenance have allowed us to concentrate on groundbreaking medical research. This system has been instrumental in advancing our research capabilities.”
– Major Northeast Ohio Medical Provider
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ANSI/AAMI ST108 – Are You Prepared?

In 2023, a new standard for water quality in medical device processing arrived, which replaced outdated guidelines and made the bar higher for patient safety. Western Reserve specializes in helping healthcare providers understand and implement water grades for different stages, design systems and monitoring, and working with your water management platform.

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End-To-End Membrane Cleaning – Available Nationwide!

Save your time, money and effort by having Western Reserve Pure Water clean your existing membrane. We offer short turnaround time and loaners if needed. Shipping is an easy process, and we offer service and maintenance plans. We have customers anywhere across the U.S.

Why Choose Western Reserve Pure Water + Culligan

Western Reserve Pure water has serviced Northern Ohio and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Our recent partnership with Culligan Water gives us the technology and research of a global corporation at our back. At our heart – we’re still your mom and pop shop here to serve you locally. Call us today to find out how we can help your business save money, grow, and sustain.