Water Treatment for Hospitality & Lodging

From extending the life of your most valuable equipment, to creating happy customers with soft towels & linens, Western Reserve Pure Water systems provide high-quality water to the hospitality & lodging industries for a wide variety of applications.

For over 22 years we’ve specialized in water quality systems for hospitality including:

  • Boiler/hot water heater pre-treatment
  • Dish washers and glass washers
  • Steamers and steam tables
  • Beverage and ice pre-filtration
  • Cooling towers & chillers
  • Food service
  • Laundry facilities
  • Vended services

At Western Reserve Pure Water, we have the most experienced staff – from our office to the service department to our sales consultants. Especially where regulatory standards vary & the need for treatment is so diverse, experience and exposure to many different processes & applications simply has no substitute.